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Monday, November 11, 2013

Musee National

Happy 11/11 everyone!  I captured a picture of my clock at just the right moment today, but I almost missed it because we were at the museum!  Yeah that's right, we went to the museum.  Honestly, it's the small museum I've ever set foot in (well, I mean I haven't been to terribly many museums in my life, soooo yeah...), and it's the NATIONAL museum of Togo!  It's attached to the Palais du Congrès (the Palace of Congress) which is like the big(ish) auditorium where they do a bunch of concerts.

So yeah, every month we have a Zone activity just to have a break from the daily life of missionary work.  Usually we just go and play soccer/ basketball, but every once in a while we like to do something to educate us on the people/ nation so that we can understand them better.  So we went to the museum and saw a bunch of original African stuff, like straight up Voodoo/ slaves.  Yep, that was about it in the museum.  But it was pretty cool!  A bunch of cool looking artifacts.

In front of the museum this morning, 11/11/13

Apparently Voodoo priests use this for music
Didn't know they had Vikings in Togo

I got a little excited with the Xylophone (mom here - love seeing the percussionist in him comes out still)

 I think this is a depressed slave

That's the only sign indicating where the museum is from the road.  It was kinda hard to find

The main floor of the museum

The other floor of the museum

The slavery monument in Togo.  I didn't get the good side of it because I felt kind of bad taking a picture of it.  Not really sure if it's permitted or not.

So this week has been fairly normal, other than the fact that my companion and I got a bunch of lessons in.  We were both very happy with how our numbers turned out this week, so now it's time to improve.

I have been very impressed as to how the members of our branch have responded to the Prophet's call to be more united in missionary work between members and the missionaries.  The past 2 weeks we've had 6 people come for the first time that were invited by friends that are members!  And all of the members are so willing to accompany us to the lessons.  My companion and I were getting a little worried because we were running out of people to teach, but our plates have been filled again and we're ready to go!  We're already starting to see early fruits of the labor of the members!  I'm sad that my time in the Wuiti Branch is reaching sunset because I've come to love these people like family, and the work is priming to explode in this area.


We had our Primary program this week.  It is a little difficult for them to learn the songs because they do not have a piano, but it was great!
With the primary after their program on Sunday! (11/10/13)

Sorry, I don't have terribly too much to write this week.  We got to the cyber a little late this week, so not too much time.  I love you all so much, and as always, I share my testimony that I am truly on the Lord's time and His errand, and there is not a better place for me to be right now, regardless of worldly ambitions.  As the Savior said, and I paraphrase, when we seek for the Kingdom of God before all else, everything in our lives will fall into place.  And if something doesn't, it's not important.

Also, I have been brought up to date with the natural disaster in the Philipines, and so I send out a remimnder to please pray for all of those affected by this devastating tragedy, especialy those missionaries valiantly serving the Lord in that area of the world.
I love you all so much!! Have a great week, and make someone's day!

Avec amour,
Elder Jenkins
A picture of our Zone from Zone Conference this week!

I forgot to roll my pants back down after putting my shoes back on after cleaning the church building on Saturday, 11/9/13

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