"You will be an official representative of the Church. . . . Your purpose will be to invite others to come unto Christ . . . Greater blessings and more happiness than you have yet experienced await you as you humbly and prayerfully serve the Lord in this labor of love among His children. We place our confidence in you." Thomas S. Monson

Monday, June 9, 2014

Coming to know the Lord

with Mendel's (the one who was baptized) mom! (06.07.14)
Well, honestly, it's been a bit of a down week.  There's been lots of rain, and there's been a couple of times where we haven't even been able to go out!  But the work is progressing!  Unfortunately, we've had an awesome day of basketball and rest, so we don't have too much time in the cyber, so I think today will just be a quick update.

We've had a couple of great experiences this week with finding people to teach, including an American family!  They're super nice and super open with us, but we haven't really started anything with them yet.

The baptism for Mendel went very well this past Saturday.  There were several candidates, and each one bore their testimony afterwards.
The baptismal font in Gbégamé (06.07.14)
With Mendel, Matthieu and Elder Sahue (06.07.14)
Couldn't get a picture where no one was making signs! (06.07.14)
I must say that this Branch is possibly my favorite so far.  They are so together, and it's quite a large branch.  This past Sunday, we had a missionary Sunday in church, which means the missionaries, Branch Mission Leader, and ward missionaries do EVERYTHING!!!  Literally.  Well, me playing piano wasn't out of the ordinary, but other than that, we did everything.  Three of us missionaries gave talks about the 5 steps of conversion in Helaman 15:7-8 split into three parts.

For the third hour, I got to teach Young Mens (the group for the young men 12-18).  It was an awesome lesson that got led more into how the responsibilities of the Aaronic Priesthood prepare us to perform the duties of the Melchizedek Priesthood.  Teaching Young Mens kinda brought back memories of home.  What I love is that we can have the similar experiences with the same message even though we're an ocean away, and it's the same all over the world.  That is another testimony of the truth for me.

Something that just came to my mind is the Ensign magazine for May 2014 (the General Conference edition).  Today, after showering and resting in bed, I put on some good music (Jon Schmidt, it's been a while) and picked up my conference edition of the Ensign that I just received this past Saturday, 

I decided to browse it a bit.  As I was, I picked out a couple talks to just read through them.  One that I absolutely loved was the testimony of President Packer.  Especially the line where he said, "I know the Lord."  That really touched me, and I can say the same to a very, very small degree.  It has become a life goal of mine to say it with as much conviction as President Packer pronounced it.

As I started getting sleepy, I closed the Ensign and just took in the cover.  I must say, that has to be my favorite Ensign cover that I've seen.  Especially how they put the Savior's statue foreground to all, even the title.  It really resonated with the our priority in all things in this world.

Anyways, I think that I must be going.  I love you all so very much.  Have a great week!

Avec amour,
Elder Jenkins

Elder Sahue and I teaching Clémence.  We want to send this to the Liahona.
The most gangsta taxi in Cotonou.  Has two DVD screens (one on the dash and the other in the passenger visor), a nice stereo system, and TWO steering wheels!  We got some good laughs from the weird looks people gave us.

That's a FAT dog.  The owner said he's sick though :(

Haha, don't really have a caption for this one.  It explains itself.
The beach on the far west side of our area

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